Indoor Security gates? Why an HPT security door is better.

Expanding security gates offer a drop in security solution but are they right for you?

An expanding gate is made from a series of steel tubes that are attached to each other with riveted steel plates. This allows the gate to be retracted or slid open. Often these gates are installed along with a traditional door, serving as an additional security layer. The idea is simple, the door itself is a weak point, and to deal with this an additional barrier is install before the door.

This might seem like a simple solution to a real problem. However, there are some trade-offs. Instead of one fully secure barrier, you now have two barriers, meaning more keys, maintenance and possibly aesthetic compromises.

Not all retractable gates are of the same quality, and extremely secure gates could end up costing much more than anticipated. Adding retractable security gates indoors might also not be the best solution. Adding a security gate to your bedroom door can detract from your homes look and feel and nobody wants to feel like a prisoner in their own bedroom.

What about a security gate?

Security gates come in all manner of styles and can vary considerable in terms of quality. The rigid swing gates work like an extra door. Many of the same issues with retractable gates are present here. Cheaper gates are easy to break and offer little real security. Having an additional gate for every door might also not be ideal. Space might also be a concern as a security gate will need to open opposite to the existing door.

So is there a better solution? Anywhere you would need retractable gate, or security gate would be the perfect spot for an HPT Security Door. Our security doors are made from multiple layers of steel with several locking points making them extremely secure. The high level of security does not compromise on aesthetics though, making them perfect for internal use. HPT security doors look like doors, but have the same benefits of the best retractable gates and the strongest security gates, except they come as one single barrier.

If you want an elegant solution with absolutely no compromise on security then an HPT security is perfect for you. We add security to a weak point when you can make that entryway properly secure with only an HPT door.