Keep your Family Safe with a door that you can trust


Engineered to keep you and your family safe.
steel security door

Our door may look like a normal door but is in fact a steel reinforced barrier. Our door can turn any home or room into a safe. Through careful engineering and attention to potential weak points, our door will keep you safe and give you and your family real peace of mind.

Where do you need a
security door?


Designed to keep your family safe

Our doors are designed to seamlessly blend in to most modern homes while offering maximum protection. Secure the main entrance points, your bedrooms or create a safe room for real peace of mind.

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protect your home business

Home offices have become critical spaces as more of us start to work from home. Ensuring your home office is secure is more important than ever. Our door offers a simple and elegant solution to protect your home office equipment.

home office security door


secure your stock and assets

Secure and protect your business assets by installing our door at all critical access points. The HPT Door stops intruders right at the entrance and is perfect for stock rooms, server rooms and offices. Protect your business now!

stock room security door

1000’s of South African Homes Trust HPT Security Doors to keep them safe.

security door with ivyone and a half studded security doorone and a half classic security doordeep set security doorclassic style home security doorwhite security door with red wallhome security door with plantssecurity door with green windowhome security door yellow wallsecurity door with white wallone and a half security doorclassic oak security door

Professional Service
and Support

Our doors are meant to protect you. Because of this its important that they work perfectly when you need them most. HPT Door offers comprehensive after sales service on all our doors with quick turn around times.


Dependable home protection.

Our doors are all quality checked before and after installation. We are incredibly confident that our doors will offer protection that you can trust and they come with a manufacture warranty and installation guarantee when installed by our team.

Professional Installation

Dependable home protection.

Our door frames are securely attached to the building with several extra length and high strength steel bolts. Our professional team will replace your old door and install your new security door in a single day.

After Sales Service

Dependable home protection.

Our doors all come with our excellent after sales service. We understand how critical it is to have a safe and secure barrier you can trust, because of this we offer a full after sales service to make sure your door always functions perfectly.


Industrial level security designed to blend seamlessly into your home or business.
White HPT Security Door

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