if it’s locked, you’re safe

if it’s locked,
you’re safe

Engineered to Protect your family and business

Is your door burglar proof? HPT Steel Security Doors are the perfect last line of defense. Designed to keep intruders and burglars out, our doors will keep your family and business safe.

A Security Barrier that You Can Trust!

Our door may look like a normal door but is in fact a steel reinforced barrier. Our door can can turn any home or room into a safe while still looking beautiful. Through careful engineering and attention to weak point, our door will keep you safe and give you and your family real peace of mind.

HPT Steel Security Door

14 Independent locking points

Our security doors feature a unique 14 point locking mechanism that secures the door to the frame in multiple points with 20mm thick steel deadbolts. This system functions in a similar manner as a safe door and can be easily operated with just the turn of a key.


Multi Layer Steel Construction

Our doors are constructed with two reinforced steel plates that make up the front and back panel of the door. Inside a reinforced mesh, made from 5mm steel rods, acts as a burglar bar within the door. This provides a further level of security and protection.


Reinforced Steel Frame

A good door is only as strong as it frame. HPT Security Doors come with a reinforced steel frame that can be fitted into any normal door opening. By using a steel frame HPT Door is able to address all the typical weak points of a standard door.

Additional Maximum Security Features

HPT Steel Security Door High Strength Lock and Handle
High Strength Lock and Handle

Our doors are fitted with a strengthened handle and lock system. Each door comes standard with a latch deadbolt. This makes it very easy to secure the door quickly, giving you time to properly activate the 14 point locking system in an emergency. We are also able to fit a peephole into the door handle itself.

HPT Steel Security Door Unpickable Unique Key System
Unique Key System

The keys to our door are all unique and are incredibly difficult to copy. Each door comes with a number of extra keys that cannot be replicated locally and need to be specially ordered. If a door is only as good as its lock, we are confident that our doors are among the best available!

HPT Steel Security Door 8mm Toughened Steel Reinforced Hinges
8mm Toughened Steel Reinforced Hinges

We have installed high strength reinforced hinges that are made from 8mm thick toughened steel to provide a further level of security while making our doors extreme easy to operate. Coupled with the reinforced frame this makes our doors formidable security barriers which will keep burglars out.

Secure Your Home and business


Where Do You Need an HPT Security Door?

Our doors are ideal for front doors, bedroom doors and can transform a closet or bathroom into a safe room.  Our doors are also very well suited to protect stock rooms, server room and any room that need a high level of protection from burglars or any unauthorized entrance. Our door come in a wide range of sizes and designs and fit in most entrance sizes.

Home Security

The entrance points to your home

Our door are design to seamless blend in to most modern home while offering home security you can trust. Secure the main entrance points, or the entrance to your bedrooms and experience peace of mind.

Any Room With Valuable Contents

Create a safe room in your home or business by installing our door at critical access points. Protect yourself and your valuables from intruders. Perfect for closets and small interior rooms.

Business Security
Areas containing stock or equipment

Currently thousands of South African businesses trust our doors to protect their stock and business assets. Our doors allow you to secure the entrances or lock you stock away securely and have proven to stop criminals before they can enter the premises.

Elegant Home and
Business Security

No need for an ugly security gate!

Our  incredibly secure steel doors mean you no longer need an additional security gates. Rather than having layers of unsightly protection, all you need is one reinforced door. This makes it easier to get in and out while keeping your home or office looking beautiful.

Designed to fit most openings.

Which door do you need? Pick the size of the door need, then select the style and color that best suits your needs.

Single Steel Composite Reinforced Door

Two Thirds Steel Composite Reinforced Door

Double Steel Composite Reinforced Door

*Note sizes are wall to wall measurements.

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    Latest Reviews

    What our customers think of our doors and service

    HPT Security Door IconHPT Security Door

    11 Langwa Street, Strydompark, Randburg

    4.7 23 reviews

    • Avatar Dominic Griffiths ★★★★★ 4 months ago
      I have dealt with this company on two occasions for the installation of 3 steel doors. Responses are quick, the work is done promptly and carefully and the doors are well-made and extremely strong. They do not require varnishing, do not … More expand when it rains and look good. They are also very safe, with numerous locking points and very unusual keys. Aside from that there is an additional deadlock which you can use. I am very happy with these doors and believe they have substantially increased the safety of my house.
    • Avatar Faeeza Lok ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      The HPT team is super professional and efficient. I was broken in last week at 7 pm, called a few security companies and they were the most responsive out of all the security door companies I called. They realise my situation was an emergency … More and came right away to make sure i have a door installed so I will feel safe at night. The doors have beautiful designs and it is super secure. You will need a SAW to get through it. I highly recommend them!
    • Avatar Thomas Roth ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      My Sister had a burglary, so we decided to install an HPT security door, the next day they where there and only took them a few hours!. After they installed, the door was catching a bit, a week later, Tiger quickly came out and fixed it, … More we where very impressed with HPT after sales service, unlike some other companies that dont want to come back once you pay them. Good after sales service. Recommended.
    • Avatar SamSamButDifferent ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      Incredible service and staff. Prompt, helpful, and friendly. The doors are not only strong and safe but look good too!
      I would gladly recommend HTP to anyone looking for an excellent product and good service
    • Avatar Robert Lin ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      After sales in SA in general in quiet atrocious, quick to take your money and never want to fix it. My experience with HPT is 200% the other way round, very quick and efficient response times, if there is no one answering, you will definitely … More get a response back. Not to mention the doors with all the locking mechanism is super safe. If a door needs to be put in, get a HPT door.